Michael Dobrijevic was a senior member of Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust’s management team, which now has become one of Canada’s largest REITS. For six years, Michael was Director of Leasing and Development where he helped grow the company from $150 Million to over $1 Billion in assets.
The next 11 years saw Michael join Bentall Kennedy (previously Bentall Capital) as a Managing Partner and Senior Vice President of Development and Leasing in their retail division. Michael generated returns north of 22% to its institutional investors.
Michael formed Oldstonehenge in 2009 to develop high profile projects in some of Toronto’s most affluent and gentrifying neighbourhoods.
From 2014-2016, Michael held dual responsibilities of running Oldstonehenge while assisting Trinity Development Group as its Chief Investment Officer to seek out institutional class development opportunities.

A. We have a lot going for us socially and culturally – our diversity and openness make our global identity very appealing. But more importantly, we have a financially sound banking system, a stable economy and a thriving real estate market that many countries envy. We are a safe haven politically and financially so investors feel confident.

A. On the world stage, I think Toronto has all the right ingredients to be on par with these iconic cities. Look at all the exciting new developments downtown – from dynamic residential architecture, international hotels, cultural venues, luxury goods retailers and revitalised areas like Liberty Village and the Distillery District that are contributing to lively safe streets day and night.

Another factor is young professionals are coming into the city and choosing to live, work, play and stay. They are putting down roots, starting families and making vibrant family-friendly neighbourhoods. Even suburban empty nesters are flocking downtown.

A. There really isn’t any better way to feel the vibe and potential of a certain community than walking its streets and seeing what makes “It” it! Whether it’s in Toronto,  Hamilton or even Milton, year by year changes are occurring that contribute to every communities essence. Walking the streets and connecting to the surroundings is when you can really feel the transformation. You can’t get this connection on Google Maps!

A. I am really keen on up and coming areas like Hamilton’s Downtown Core and the Corktown District. So many of Toronto’s creative class have moved west to take advantage of great heritage buildings and attractive real estate pricing.

I continue to see great value in intensifying Parkdale Village. Gerrard Street East in the Upper Beaches is also on my radar for undiscovered locations. Another sleeper of a community is St. Clair Avenue West.

A.  I spent a lot of my time with my grandparents on the Danforth. They owned 1 Playter Estates. The neighbourhood was a “humble” working class community back then. We shopped at the Mom and Pop shops along the Danforth. I played hockey at the local outdoor rink. Rode my bike to the nearby park. Walking those streets as a child left a deep impression on me. It ultimately shaped who I am and the way I conduct my business.

A. Everything I have done over the last 30 years in the real estate business has shaped my values and approach to doing business. What I have learned has always guided me.

I believe in being open and transparent with every client and I embrace and accept responsibility for every project and partnership. I work tenaciously to realise every project and its challenges. I forge relationships that are trustworthy and long lasting and therefore I want to work with people who share my work ethic and passions for improving city life.

A. Yes. Over the decades I am fortunate to have worked with and created great relationships with the best national retailers in the country. A record of good service and success keeps me top of mind with them.

A. I want to be challenged and grow my strategic partnerships. I will continue to expand my current portfolio of city properties and look to foster more relationships with my partners.